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Program Expense and Payment Process for Study-in-America Off-Campus Programs

To request payments for services related to Study-in-America/Off-Campus programs an invoice or itemized description of those services is required. The process of making payments to vendors involves the approval of different university offices. This process adds time to the payment process, so APDs need to observe the following.

1. A Travel Application will be submitted by the Office of Distance and Extended Learning (ODEL) to the Travel Office. The Travel Application will be created based on your program proposal budget. 

2. All vendors must be approved by Texas State. If they are first-time vendors for Texas State, vendors must complete the vendor Maintenance Form, which has to be approved a minimum of two weeks before payment can be processed. 

3. All payment requests must be submitted by the APD a minimum of 10 business days before the payment is due, provided the vendors form has been completed and processed. 

4. APDS are required to complete the "Payment/Reimbursement Approval" form. The ODEL will not initiate payment of any invoice until this form is submitted. 

5. All information submitted on the payment request form should be clear and complete. The ODEL will hold payment until all questions are clarified. 

6. At least a month prior to departure, the APD should meet with the ODEL staff to finalize the program budget and to determine the amount of travel advance to be requested. 

7. Reimbursement to faculty for program items/services received prior to the APD departure must be submitted to the ODEL before determining travel advance funds. 

8. The APD must submit the program's expense reconciliation within 5 days of his/her return date. Expense reconciliations not received within that time may be reported to the Department Chair, College Dean and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and General Accounting/Travel office.