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Early Shakespeare at Austin's Curtain Playhouse

ENG 3354 - Early Shakespeare

Special Section of ENG 3354 Early Shakespeare Spring 2016

Important: Enrollment in this course is by permission only. If interested, please Email Joe Falocco at as soon as possible.

Students in this special section of ENG 3354 will earn academic credit by acting in and/or working backstage on the Baron’s Men’s Austin production of Richard III. Performances will take place Thursdays – Saturdays from March 31 to April 16 at the Curtain Playhouse 7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr., Austin, TX, 78730.

Interested students must commit to attending all of the rehearsals scheduled below. All other rehearsals prior to tech week will be held in Austin and will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of all concerned (with a preference for weekend afternoons). The six staging rehearsals described below will either be held on the campus of UT Austin, or on the Texas State campus in San Marcos. Please do not consider this course if you are not prepared to travel to either of these locations (or to the Curtain during tech week) for the rehearsals listed below.

Instructor: Dr. Joe Falocco

Obligatory Rehearsals:

Saturday, Feb. 27; 1 – 5 pm Stage First Half

 Sunday, Feb. 28; 1-5 pm Review First Half

 Saturday, March 5; 1-5 pm Stage Second Half

 Sunday, March 6; 1-5 pm Review Second Half

 Saturday, March 12; 1-5 pm Run Show

 Sunday, March 13; 1-5 pm Run Show

Tech Week: Richard III will also rehearse at the Curtain day and night on Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27 (Easter), as well as every night March 28-30.

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           please visit the course listing in the CatsWeb - Schedule of Classes.

Applying and Registering:  Please review the information provided on our webpage - Registering for Extension.

For more information about the content of this course, contact Dr. Joe Falocco.

For more information about applying and registering for this course, contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.