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Occupational Education

NOTE: Course offerings may vary by semester. Please confirm specific course delivery method, instructor, information, and availability for each semester in the CatsWeb—Schedule of Classes.  

OCED 4111: Independent Study, Prior Learning Assessment

This is an independent study course that allows research on topics in occupational education related to a student’s interests. Work may include individual research, critical reviews or integration of existing bodies of knowledge. Course may be repeated for credit.

Important:  In addition to the course tuition, a $350.00 Prior Learning Assessment fee is also required and will be applied to a student's account at the time of registration.  Tuition Assistance may not cover this fee. 

Applying and Registering:  Please review the information provided on our webpage - Registering for Extension.

For more information about the content of this course, contact your instructor which is found in the CatsWeb—Schedule of Classes.  

For more information about applying and registering for this course, contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.